Are your kids safe online?

Are your children safe when they go online?

You supervise your children when they go out to play.
You take time to know their friends in the real world.

BUT, do you really know who's chatting with your children?

Most kids today have email accounts before they are ten. These are usually free adult accounts which deliver adult spam and smut each week - with no supervision!

How do you ensure that you children are not meeting strangers online?

Byte Tech allows you to allocate everyone in your family their own email account, with a level of automatic supervision appropriate to their age.

You need to decide ONCE if each of your child's email friends is suitable - after that you are only alerted when strangers calling.

It is more important than ever for parents to play an active role in monitoring what their children are doing while online. Child predators have learned to use Internet tools such as email, chat rooms and instant messages to seek access to kids because it goes largely unmonitored and they can remain anonymous.

Know what else Byte TI can do to protect your kids:

The Gold Standard in Internet Monitoring and Surveillance Software

Byte Tech has variety of Solution for monitoring and recording every detail of PC and Internet activity - in your home or in your office. our solutions contains seven integrated tools that record: chats, instant messages, emails sent and received, web sites visited, keystrokes typed, programs launched, peer to peer file searching and swapping - plus, - provides the equivalent of a digital surveillance tape so that you can see the EXACT sequence of EVERYTHING your family members or employees are doing on the computer. All seven tools work together at the same time, saving all the recordings in a location only you have access to.

Advanced Warning System

An advanced warning system that will inform you when a PC being monitored has been used in an inappropriate manner. Through the use of keywords that you specify, emailing you an immediate and detailed report of when, where and how a keyword was used - every time it is typed or appears on the PC, on a website or in an email.

Internet Access Blocking, Powerful Search & MORE...

Combine Email Recording, Chat/IM Recording, Web Site Recording, Keystroke Recording and visual Snapshot Recording with Internet Access Blocking, Powerful Search and INTELLIGENT & INSTANT Notification when content you specify is encountered, and you have the most comprehensive Monitoring and Surveillance software you can buy anywhere!

Complete Power. Complete Flexibility. You are in Control

Byte Tech has the gold standard in internet monitoring Solutions. With Byte Tech you will know who is using your PC, what they are doing online and ultimately... take back control of your home, office or school PC

  Email Recording / Immediate Email Forwarding:

Now, you can look at all the emails received on a particular date or all the emails sent to or received from a particular person, all with one or two clicks.

One of Byte Tech Solution is to records Outlook email (Earthlink, Mindspring, MSN, etc...) and will capture AOL email. and Internet based email services such as Hotmail , Yahoo Mail , AOL Mail and MySpace webmail .


  Chat / Instant Message Recording:

With the a Chat Recorder, chats and instant messages are automatically recorded and saved for your later review. You simply click on the Chat button, and you will see a list of chat conversations.

Chat/Instant Message Recording captures popular chat and instant messaging services and provides you with a clear record of all conversations that have taken place. Both sides of chat conversations and instant messages are gathered and saved chronologically for your review.

and record both sides of a conversation in AOL chat rooms, AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger

  Keystroke Recording:

Byte Tech Solutions - includes what many consider to be the BEST key logger on the market, saving keystrokes by application, by date and time.

With Byte Tech , you will know what was typed, where and when it was typed, and you will also know WHO typed it because it keeps a record of who is logged into the computer.

Keystroke Recording tool will document every key typed on the PC keyboard. Byte Tech not only captures standard alphanumeric keystrokes, but also records "hidden" characters and keystroke combinations, such as the Shift and Ctrl key, as well as "true" keystrokes which may other-wise appear differently on screen (such as an * when a password is typed).

Keystroke recordings are organized chronologically by Application and by Window allowing you to easily differentiate between what is typed in a word processing document, email, spreadsheet, or Internet browser (even passwords).

  Website Recording:

The Web Site Recording tool continually monitors every web page that is accessed on the computer and saves a record of the URLs chronologically for your review. it is much more sophisticated than the History feature of your web browser, providing you with important details including: Time of Last Visit, Duration of Time on the Web Site, Active Time on Web Site, Total Number of Visits to the Web Site and more!

It will also capture every file downloaded via the Internet. Illegal software downloads, pornographic pictures or video, music files, online gambling software and more are automatically recorded.

Additionally, you can quickly highlight any recorded Domain Name or URL and choose to block future access-or- take preventative action and create your own list of web sites to block.

With Byte Tech 's advanced and intuitive Web Site recording, you will get a quick, yet exact picture of each person's web surfing.

  Program Activity Recording:

Byte Tech Solution, provides the ability to record every program (or application) and program window run on the computer you are monitoring. For each program, it will capture the name of the person who used the program, when the program was started and how long the program was running. In addition, it will provide even more useful information, such as how much time the program was ACTIVELY used. Was the program simply opened and left on-screen, an indication someone might be trying to deceive you into thinking they were working all day in Word and Excel (when they were really surfing the web)?

With Byte Tech , you will know, because it keeps track of other information, such as keyboard and mouse movements, to help determine whether a program is being actively used. Byte TI also shows you EXACTLY how many keystrokes have been typed in each application. If your secretary typed 80 keystrokes in Word or Excel all day, what are the chances she was doing much work? (Of course, with Byte Tech 's other recording features, like screen snapshots, you won't have to guess.)

The Program Recorder allows you to see at a glance ALL of the applications that have been used each day. If someone downloads a new program that starts affecting the performance of your computer, you'll be able to quickly see the new program .

  Peer to Peer Recording:

You have probably heard the stories in the news - parents being sued by the music industry because their children were illegally downloading copyrighted songs using peer to peer (also known as P2P) services like Kazaa.

Many parents don't even know that their children are downloading music illegally and some parents have already had to pay thousands of dollars in fines.

These peer to peer services are also popular for trading pornographic pictures and video. Are your children or employees downloading or swapping porn? Are your employees using the company's high speed internet connection to steal music or download large video files, tying up valuable network bandwidth and posing potential legal liability to your business? Do you really want to take a chance that the RIAA or the MPAA will come after you or your company for illegally downloaded or pirated software, music or movies?

Byte Tech Solution - records peer to peer events of popular services, including Kazaa, so that you will know what your kids or employees are searching for and what they are downloading. Byte Tech also provides the ability to block access to these peer to peer programs.

   Snapshot Recording:

Imagine a surveillance camera pointed directly at your computer monitor, filming away anything anybody does online, and storing this in a secure area for your later review. That is the idea behind the Snapshot Recording tool

One of our solutions will takes hundreds of snapshots every hour, very much like a surveillance camera. Snapshots are taken of whatever is on the computer screen and saved away in a protected location on the computer's hard drive.

That means you get detailed visual recordings of all chat conversations, instant messages, emails typed and read, all web sites visited, all programs run, all keystrokes typed-everything they do on the computer and on the Internet.

Is your employee emailing somebody using a Hotmail account? The Byte Tech Solution will take pictures of that, save it away, and allow you to come back minutes, hours or even days later and see EXACTLY what they were typing and reading and viewing.

  Keyword Detection:

One of the most powerful features of Byte Tech is its advanced Keyword Detection and Notification. Create a list of "Byte Technologies typing, URLs, web pages, incoming and outgoing emails, chat conversations and instant messages for these offending words or phrases.

When a keyword or phrase is detected, it immediately jumps into overdrive. Snapshot frequency is automatically increased to ensure that every detail of the offender's actions are recorded. Additionally, it collects information regarding the offense and sends you an instant keyword alert via email.

Each keyword alert contains the following information:

1. The keyword that was detected
2. The time the keyword was detected
3. The current user logged in to Windows
4. Additional detailed information (Example: the URL where the keyword was found)

You tell us which words and phrases to watch out for - for example, "sex," "phone number," "where do you live," "are your parents home," "is your wife sleeping," "I hate my boss" - whatever YOU decide to include. You also tell Byte Tech where to send the INSTANT ALERTS (you specify your email address).

Then, when the person using the computer TYPES in one of these words or phrases, or when they are chatting and one of these words comes up, or when they are sending or receiving an email with one of these words or phrases, it will takes IMMEDIATE action and sends you an email letting you know exactly what is happening so you can take action.

Additional Features:

  Internet Access Blocking:

Parents and employers, upon seeing the kinds of places and things their kids and employees are getting into on the ever growing Internet, have asked us to provide them with ways to help restrict Internet access. With our solution, you can now block specific web sites from being accessed, or you can block specific Internet applications like AOL Instant Messenger from being accessed. You can even block AOL from being accessed altogether. You can do this by day of week and/or by time of week. You can begin to see the powerful possibilities.


The kids get home from school a few hours before you get home from work. You have asked that they use this time to do their homework, but you have found that they are always chatting with their friends using AOL Instant Messenger during this time.

The solution? Tell Byte Tech to block AOL Instant Messenger between the hours of 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Now when the kids try to chat with their friends during these times, they will be blocked.

OK. Maybe your kids think they are going to get smart and decide to use Yahoo Messenger. Well, with Byte Tech you have choices. Either you can block Yahoo Messenger, or you can just choose to block ALL Internet Access during those hours.

With Byte Tech , you can block as little as you want or as much as you want. Complete Power. Complete Flexibility. You are in Control.

  Powerful, Fast Search of Recorded Activities:

Quickly search through all recorded chats, instant messages, emails, URLs, keystrokes typed. Search by keyword or phrase. Find all chats between two people or all emails containing profanity or all URLs containing the word "SEX". Do you suspect somebody is using your password? In seconds, search through every keystroke typed in your computer over the last month to find every time your password has been typed. Are your employees passing confidential information via instant messenger? Find out quickly by searching for different words and phrases - use with Byte Tech 's automatic Keyword Detection and Instant Notification for an unmatched combination of monitoring, surveillance, search and intelligence.

  Flexible Recording Options:

Byte Tech Solution can be set to record on a schedule. Most people will want Spector to record at all times. However, there may be certain times of day, or certain days of the week where you do not want Spector to record. Scheduling allows you the flexibility to pre-determine what is recorded and when recording takes place. Set recording schedules by day of the week, time of day or Windows application being used.


You use the computer at certain times of the day and you do not want your own activities recorded. Or, you are an employer and you want to allow your employees to use the computer during lunch breaks or after work and not record their activity during these times.

  Record by User ID:

Record ALL users or narrow your focus to a specific user or group of users. Byte TI allows you to identify specific Windows User Login IDs (for Windows NT, 2000 or XP) so that whenever they are using the PC, their actions are being recorded. Combined with the Scheduling feature, you can record ANY user, ANYWHERE on your network, ANYTIME of the day or week.

Stealth Technology - Keep PC USAtected from Evryone except YOU

The Byte Tech Solution  offers three levels of security that protect the program and recorded data from being altered or tampered with. Security features include: Stealth Mode, Hot Key Access and Password Protection.

Stealth Mode

Stealth technology ensures that Byte TI Solution is completely protected from everyone except those with authorized access. It will not appear in the Windows System Tray, Desktop, Task Manager or Add/Remove Programs Menu. It will not be detected by anti-virus or anti-spy software.

  Hot Key Access

your recordings are protected by a combination of Hot Keys that you choose. The Byte Tech Solution can only be accessed through your defined Hot Key combination.

  Password Protection

As an added measure of security, Byte Tech Solution will prompt you for a password before opening the PC recording files. This ensures that anyone attempting to access the recordings is an authorized user.



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